Sunday, August 15, 2010

2010 Oregon Mountain Running Series Scoring - after 3 races

After 3 races have been completed in the 2010 La Sportiva / USATF-Oregon Mountain Running Series the scoring is as follows (pardon the poor formatting):

First  Last  Gender  Age Group  Larison  Great NW  Ashland  TOTAL
Sean    Meissner    M    35-39    87.71    91.26    79.86        258.83
Mario    Tigli    M    50-54    66.98    73.22    55.3        195.5
Erik    Skaggs    M    25-29    100    0    93.44        193.44
Robert    Yerex    M    50-54    64.71    62.29    56.07        183.07
Richard    Bolt    M    35-39    89.91    0    81.73        171.64
Jenn    Shelton    F    25-29    81.74    0    66.57        148.31
Kristin    Zosel    F    35-39    68.64    0    60.9        129.54
Yassine    Diboun    M    30-34    0    100    0        100
Max    King    M    30-34    0    0    100        100
Mitch    Thompson    M    40-44    0    99.67    0        99.67
Donald    Gallogly    M    40-44    0    89.35    0        89.35
Tim    Van Orden    M    40-44    0    0    88.13        88.13
Dave    Dunham    M    45-49    0    0    86.24        86.24
Peter    Fain    M    35-39    0    0    86.08        86.08
Tim    Olsen    M    25-29    0    0    84.56        84.56
Neil    Olsen    M    40-44    0    0    81.94        81.94
Stephanie    Howe    M    25-29    0    0    77.08        77.08
Ian    Torrance    M    35-39    0    0    75.2        75.2
JC    Callans    M    40-44    0    0    72.15        72.15
Michael    Sotos    M    35-39    0    0    71.11        71.11
James    Shanahan    M    35-39    69.19    0    0        69.19
Bill    Montegomery    M    50-54    0    0    68.52        68.52
Shahid    Ali    M    25-29    0    0    60.94        60.94
Carl    Sniffen    M    55-59    0    0    54.53        54.53
Dieter     Heycke     M    75-79    0    0    41.41        41.41

That's a total of 25 USATF members having competed in at least one race.  3 have completed all 3 races.  4 have run at least 2 races.  The 4th and final race in the series will be the Sunrise to Summit at Mt. Bachelor.  This 3 mile grind to the summit will bring runners to the highest elevation in the entire series at 9065 feet above sea level.  Another $100 will be up for grabs for the top USATF man and woman!

More information about this race can be found on the MBSEF website:
You can find a race registration form here:

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

2010 Mt Ashland Hillclimb - Results & Post Race Wrap-up

Race Director Torsten Heycke and his crew put on a great 33rd edition of the ever popular Mt. Ashland Hillclimb Run.  The 13.3 mile race climbs 5600' from Lithia Park to the summit of Mt. Ashland.  This year Bend speedster and newly minted member of the US Mountain Running Team Max King broke the course record set back in 1982.  Here are post event comments from the race director:

By now you may have seen results in the Medford Mail Tribune or online. We enjoyed great weather and fast(er) times. Max King set a new course record of 1 hour, 41 minutes, 50 seconds. Many of you had personal bests.

Andy Atkinson photos from the race are now up. The early photos show that Max King doesn't so much run as float up the hill.

It's fun to see people from far and wide participating in this event--Vermont, Utah, Hawaii, Massachusetts--and yet it's equally gratifying to see lots of local faces. This remains a community event. We have many locals who participate each year; Larry Zowada ran in the first hill climb back in 1978 and is still running.

By the way, if you have old results, we'd be interested in them.

Sponsors and Volunteers
To pull this event off requires considerable help from a lot of people. We enjoyed the assistance of 36 volunteers. Additionally, we enjoyed the stalwart support of the folks at Standing Stone Brewing Company, notably Alex Amarotico (who, by the way, ran on Saturday with no training). We thank the folks at Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy, who gave us, among other things, the BPA-free water bottles (remember to take out the paper from inside them before you use them!). And, of course, Rogue Valley Runners pitched in as usual. Thank them for the $600 worth of GPS watches given as random draw prizes. Dagoba Chocolate came through again as well.

More spots next year.
We filled up extremely early this year and many people could not enter who wanted to. The Forest Service has tentatively granted us the right to expand next year and we will to some degree.

You can help make this event better.
We are exploring ways to improve this event. You can help by participating in a really quick survey (takes a minute or two). Two people will be randomly chosen from survey takers (who leave us optional contact information) for prizes (gift certificates to Apple Cellar bakery). You have through August 23rd to participate.

Thanks and see you next year,
The Mt A minions


You can find a great first hand account of the race by Dave Dunham.
Dave finished 2nd at the World Mountain Running Championships in Gap, France and has been a multiple winner of the Mt. Washington Road Race.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Registration open for the 2010 Sunrise to Summit

Sunrise to Summit is a 3.5 mile uphill race to the summit of Mt. Bachelor and is part of the La Sportiva / USATF-Oregon Mountain Running Series.  The top man and woman who are members of USATF-Oregon will each receive $100 cash.  10:30am start from the lodge at Sunrise Lodge at Mt. Bachelor.  From the start at Sunrise Lodge (Elev. 6,470’), runners must stay on Marshmallow to the top of the Sunrise chair, then everyone must stay on the designated trail that winds up to the Summit (Elev. 9,065’).  More information about this race can be found on the MBSEF website:
You can find a race registration form here:

Sunday, August 1, 2010

2010 Oregon Mountain Running Series Scoring - after 2 races

At the half-way point in the 2010 La Sportiva / USATF-Oregon Mountain Running Series Sean Meissner (Sisters, OR) (pictured right) leads the scoring with 178.97 points.  The top woman in the series is Jenn Shelton (Ashland, OR) who won the Larison Rock Hillclimb held back in May in Oakridge, OR.  There is a tight battle in the 50+ division with both Mario Tigli (Sandy, OR) and Robert Yerex (Sandy, OR) having run both races in the series.  Mario is leading with 140.2 points of Robert's 127 points.  10 members of USATF-Oregon have competed in series races to date.  Next up will be the Mt. Ashland Hillclimb on August 7.  The final race in the series will be the Sunrise to Summit at Mt. Bachelor on September 4.  The top USATF-Oregon man and woman at each race get's $100 in cash.  There will be additional cash and merchandise prizes for overall series winners provided by USATF-Oregon and La Sportiva.  Here is the scoring after 2 races:

First Last Gender Age Group Larison Great NW TOTAL
Sean Meissner M 35-39 87.71 91.26 178.97
Mario Tigli M 50-54 66.98 73.22 140.2
Robert Yerex M 50-54 64.71 62.29 127
Yassine Diboun M 30-34 0 100 100
Erik Skaggs M 25-29 100 0 100
Mitch Thompson  M  40-44  0  99.67  99.67
Richard Bolt M 35-39 89.91 0 89.91
Donald Gallogly M 40-44 0 89.35 89.35
Jenn Shelton F 25-29 81.74 0 81.74
James Shanahan M 35-39 69.19 0 69.19
Kristin Zosel F 35-39 68.64 0 68.64

Info on the Mt. Ashland Hillclimb:

Info on the Sunrise to Summit:

Info on the 3rd Annual La Sportiva / USATF-Oregon Mountain Running Series: