Saturday, July 30, 2011

US Mountain Running Team - Junior Squad Announced

Four junior men and three junior women to compete at the World Mountain Running Championships in Albania on September 11

Athletes representing seven states comprise the 2011 U.S. Junior Mountain Running Team (  The team will accompany the senior team members as they compete at the 2011 World Mountain Running Championships in Tirana, Albania, on September 11. (

The athletes include:

Oliver Bear Don’t Walk (Age 18, Everson, WA).  Oliver currently holds the American Junior 50km record (3:10:07) and has also qualified for the USATF Junior Track and Field Championships in the 10,000 meters in 2010 and 2011.  He has a 5K road personal best of 15:06 and finished 5th overall at the 15km USA Trail Champs in 2011.  Oliver is attending Stanford University in the fall.

Chase Caulkins (Age 19, Ketchum, ID/Portland, OR).  Chase was a member of the 2010 team where he finished as the top U.S. Junior.  His 5km track personal best is 14:09 and he recently finished in an impressive 4th place in the 5000 meters at the USATF Junior Track and Field Championships in June.  Chase also ran 24:19 for 8 km during the cross country season.  He is entering his sophomore year at the University of Portland.

Billy Fayette (Age 18, Clarendon Hills, IL).  Billy is a recent graduate of Hinsdale Central High School where he set numerous school records and was winner of the prestigious Jim Carmignani award- best all round male athlete/leader at Hinsdale Central HS in 2011.  Billy ran a 14:39 (3 mile) in the IL State Cross Country championships.  He has PRs of 9:09.96 in the 3200m and 4:10.33 in the 1600m.  Billy will be attending the University of Richmond in the fall.

Ryan Lee (Age 19, Wilmington, DE).  Ryan Lee is entering his sophomore year at the University of Richmond.  Last season Ryan finished 12th in the 5000m race at the USATF Track and Field Championships, where he competed against now-team mate Chase Caulkins.  Ryan has PRs of 8:45 (1500m), 14:33 (5000m), 25:32 (8km XC).

Krisztina Dearborn (Age 19, Mirror Lake, NH).  Krisztina is entering her sophomore year at Central Connecticut State University, where she this year she had personal bests of 18:39 in the 5000m and 38:44.22 in the 10,000m.  Kristina went to high school at Brewster Academy in Wolfeboro where was 2nd in the 2009 Lakes Region Cross Country championships.   Krisztina also got to preview what the World’s course will be like when she competed in the 2011 USA Mountain Running Championships at the Cranmore Hill Climb in North Conway, NH.

Clare Moretz (Age 18, Madison, VA).  Clare was a senior at Madison High School in 2011 where she had PRs of 5:07.71 in the 1600m and 11:16.18 in the 3200m.  After being undefeated for the first half of her 2010 cross country season, Clare suffered a stress fracture that left her unable to compete for the rest of the XC season.  Clare turned that around in the Spring where she was 1st at the VHSL Group A State Championships in the 3200 and set a school record in the 1600m with her second place finish at the Championships.  Clare qualified for the championships in the 400, 800, 1600, and 3200.  Clare will be attending the University of Richmond in the fall.

Lara Shegoski (Age 19, Belle Mead, NJ).  Lara had a strong Freshman year at Johns Hopkins University where she had a 17:37 personal best in the 5000m and had her 6000m XC personal best at the Division III National Championships in NovemberLara attended Montgomery High School in New Jersey where she was All American in the 5000m indoor and outdoor. .  Lara’s leg speed will serve her well at the relatively fast World’s mountain running course in Albania.

The Junior Team joins senior athletes Max King, Joe Gray, Ryan Woods, Matt Byrne, Tommy Manning, Jared Scott, Kasie Enman, Michele Suszek, Brandy Erholtz and Megan Lund, who will compete in Albania at the World Mountain Running Championships.

Last year at the world championships in Slovenia, the U.S. Men won their first-ever silver team medal.  The junior women and senior women have previously won team and individual medals.  The team looks to capitalize on that success in 2011 in Tirana.

“I’m really excited about this year’s junior team” said Paul Kirsch, Team Manager of the Juniors.  “The course in Tirana is a fast one and the combination of strength and speed that our juniors have this year gives them a good shot at being on the podium.”

The World Championships alternate between up only and up/down courses every other year with 2011 being an up/down year.  The junior women will  race one 4.5km up/down lap while the junior men will race two 4.5km laps.  The senior men’s race is three laps and the senior women, like the junior men, will race two.

You can follow the team’s pursuits this September by following them online at any of the following sites:
As we have done the past two years, the team will be sending live updates via twitter from Albania in September.  The official race website for the 2011 WMRC

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mt. Ashland Hillclimb - pre-race message from race director

A message from Torsten Heycke (Chief race mucky muck - pictured above):

We're just a week and a half away from the Mt Ashland Hillclimb Run (Sat, Aug 6). Below is some important information that might help you and us:

1. Reminder: This is an extremely challenging event.
You already signed a waiver telling us that you acknowledge this. You can't plead insanity, because that is already assumed. Seriously, though, if you are not physically able, you should not participate. It could be extremely cold and/or hot. Additionally it could be windy or completely still. There are unmarked hazards including loose rocks, holes, and branches. There may be wild animals on the course. Speaking of, there may be mountain bikers riding on various roads and trails (though we have asked local shops to inform riders to please refrain).

2. If you know you're not going to make it to the event, please tell us as soon as possible. Race directors are reporting 20-25% no-shows at their events. No-tell no-shows result in a huge waste of resources, including food and drink, and people's time. It also messes with the random draw prizes. We know that stuff comes up: forgot to train, root canal scheduled for that day, have to clean the garage, etc. Just tell us: there is no embarrassment in that. The consequences of "no-tell, no show" are likely to be most heinous: I haven't decided whether to pass the list on to other race directors or feed the information to a tele-sales organization.

By the way, if you pick up your race packet, we are assuming you will show up at the race. Please notify us if you are not going to participate. It hurts our feelers if we go searching for you on the course and find out you didn't start.

3. There are no refunds, exchanges, credits, etc.
Check the FAQ for more on this.

4. Pre-Race Training. 
Run up Mt Ashland from town and get a ride back. You can do this by arranging with the Ashland Mountain Adventure folks for a shuttle ride from Mt Ashland down to town. You will want to coordinate with their existing shuttle schedule . 541.499.2298

5. Friday Packet Pickup is at Rogue Valley Runners, 161 E. Main St, from 12- 6pm.
Great place to pick up some stuff while you're there. You can also pick up your packet on race day at the race start (at the bottom of Lithia Park, on Winburn Way near "the plaza") after 6:15am and before 7:15am. Please don't show up at 7:20.

6. Race numbers. Wear them where finish line people can see them. If you wear your number on your butt, make sure you go through the finish line butt first. We'd prefer that you wore your number in front, but that's your prerogative. We apologize if this messes with your fashion statement. If we can see your number, we will give you a race time. The corollary to this is: we will give you a time when we see your number--even if it's several minutes after you finished. Also, please make sure you're wearing your number and not your spouse's, friend's, grandmother's, etc. It really messes with the results when a 21-year old guy wins the women's 60-69 division.

7. Race Day: Dropping out and aid station cut-off times.
If you drop out, please notify someone at an aid station. Make sure they write down your number (or better yet, give them your number). If you are asked to stop, please do so. Many people stop at the lodge and that's a good choice (food, drink, beer maybe).

-- Four Corners (~6.6 miles) by 10:30am
-- Bull Gap (~10.5 miles) by 11:30am
-- The Lodge (~12.8 miles) by 12:15pm.

IMPORTANT: the summit aid station will close at 1pm and there will be no transportation down after that time. If you continue past the lodge at 12:14 and decide to linger to marvel at the extraordinary wildflowers on the way up to the summit, you just might miss the aid station. Great wildflowers, though.

8. Race Day: Getting Down from Mt Ashland Summit to the Lodge
We will have vehicles driving down from the summit on a narrow, bumpy, dusty road. You may find that you are faster if you just walk down. We appreciate if you can do this.

9. Race Day: Spectators
The best place for spectators is at the Mt Ashland lodge. Please do not drive the narrow, bumpy, dusty road to the summit. Spectators who drive to the summit delay our shuttle vehicles, which also delays results, emergency care, and water and food delivery. There is nothing worse than delaying water and food to thirsty and hungry runners. Please tell your spouses, significant others, fan club, etc that you (the participant) risk disqualification, or worse: public humiliation, by their driving up to the summit. Spectators can walk to the summit if they want (but please don't walk up the road!)

10. Race Day: The Course
No one has gotten lost yet; well at least, everyone has eventually shown up. Please read the website course directions. Look at the maps there. We do minimal course marking (mainly at the locations where you might be confused... but, really, who are we to know when you will get confused? Sometimes I can't remember why I went into the garage, so confusion might arise at any time and anywhere.) Be responsible, read the course description.

Also, Mt Ashland still has snow in places, but not on our course. So, if you're walking in the snow, you're off course.

11. Race Day: Awards and Random Draw Prizes
Race day awards will be shortly after 11. If you arrive at the lodge parking lot after that, you can still collect your prize. (These are first place prizes for age groups and overall men's and women's winners).

Random prize winners can pick up their item(s) at the lodge parking lot. Must be present to win. Hmm, words to live by.

Thanks for reading,

Torsten Heycke
Chief race mucky muck

Monday, July 18, 2011

Americans Joe Gray & Maria Dalzot win NACAC Mountain Running Championships

Joe Gray (Lakewood, WA) and Maria Dalzot (West Virginia) won their respective races at the 2011 NACAC Mountain Running Championships in Ajijic, Mexico.  Joe also set a new course record - breaking the old record by 3 minutes.  The US women's team (Maria, Chris Lundy, Amber Moran and Gina Lucrezi) won the women's team competition.  The US men (Joe, Tommy Manning and Mario Mendoza) finished 3rd behind Canada (1st) and Mexico (2nd).  

Complete results will be available soon at:

Photos of the event are here:

A video of the start of the race can be found here:

Friday, July 15, 2011

NACAC Mountain Championships in Mexico this weekend

The US Mountain Running Team is flying into Guadalajara today for Sunday's NACAC Mountain Running Championships. Mario Mendoza (Bend, OR) and Joe Gray (Lakewood, WA) will be representing the PacNW.  You can follow live Twitter updates from the team at!/usmrt