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Monday, March 25, 2013

Oregon Mountain Running Series 2013

The schedule is nearly finalized! We will be having at least five races and possibly a sixth. This is going to be an exciting series this year. Our major sponsor is again La Sportiva who has been very generous in funding the prize pool as well as providing shoes for winners. I will be posting additional details as they become available. Please spread the word!

June 2nd, 2013 - Granite Man Mountain Run, 10 miles, Applegate Lake, OR is an exceptional USATF, 10 mile trail run that starts at Hart-Tish Park and crosses Upper Applegate Rd to Collings Mountain Trail. The course follows the length of the Collings Mountain Trail. You’ll encounter an abandoned miner’s cabin and an inactive Sasquatch trap. Several mine adits (tunnels with one entrance) are also found along the trail. You’ll take in excellent panoramic views of Applegate Lake and the Siskiyou Crest at several locations along the trail. While traversing the western slope of Collings Mountain you’ll gain 1,000 feet in elevation. Trees encountered along the trail include old growth Douglas fir, sugar pine, ponderosa pine, Pacific madrone, white oak and Saddler oak. Cross Upper Appelgate Road again and finish downhill to Hart-Tish Park. Breath in the mountain air and smile at your accomplishment!

August 10th - Mt. Ashland Hillclimb Run, 13 miles, Ashland, OR in its 36th year, the Mt. Ashland Hillclimb Run is the oldest continuously run mountain race in Oregon. Starting in downtown Ashland, this race climbs 5600’ over 13 miles to finish on the summit of scenic Mt. Ashland. The course record at this race was set in 1986 by Los Angeles Marathon winner Ric Sayre (1:42). Dolores Bergman set the women’s record in 2004 in a time of 2:13.39.NOTE: This race fills up quickly! Registration opens on April 20th. Go to the website to see ow you can get a guaranteed spot by helping with trail work!

August 11th -Timberline Mountain Run, 6.9 miles, Timberline Lodge, Mt Hood, OR day after the Mt. Ashland Hillclimb run, this race will be spectacular! If Ashland is too far to travel, do this one, or if you are hard core, do them both!! Special prize for top finishers who run both races.

September 29th, 2013 - Multnomah Falls Trail Run
This year we have a special prize for the first runner to finish in a superhero costume. We will also have a prize for the best costume, as well as all the other awards of 2012. The last two years costume winners received a fifth of McMenamins' Hogshead whiskey. This race features Multnomah, Weisendanger, Ecola, Fairy and Wahkeena Falls. Space is limited to 150 participants, so sign up early.

TBD -  Larison Rock Hillclimb, 6 miles, Oakridge, OR
Race Director – Catrina Davis (
I am working with Catrina to see if we can get this race back in the schedule. Those who have run it in the past know this to be a fun small field race.

AWARDS: The title and primary sponsor is La Sportiva, with additional support at events from the USATF Oregon Association. A total of $1,900 in cash prizes will be awarded:overall series participants:

  • $100 to the top USATF man and woman at each race.
  • $200 to the top USATF man and woman for total series ranking (best 3 races)
  • $150 to the top USATF Masters man and woman for total series ranking (best 3 races)
  • Trail Running shoes will be awarded at each race to the top USATF man and woman and each race. This year there will also be a pair of shoes for the top runner within category (gender and age category). No doubling up on shoes at a single race.
  • Special award for the top USATF man and woman who run in both the Ashland Hill Climb on August 10th AND the Timberline Mtn. Run on August 11th.
ELIGIBILITY: As a USATF Oregon program, the series scoring is limited to individuals who are USATF members. Though all races are open to all runners, USATF membership is required to score and win awards in the series. Some of the other benefits of membership are:
  1. Eligibility to score and win prize money in the USATF Oregon Grand Prix and other selected USATF Oregon races.
  1. Elite runners who want to make the US Mountain Running Team or the USA 100k Team must first be USATF members.
  1. 10% discount in the USATF Online Store, including Nike Dri-FIT gear.
  1. Subscription to Fast Forward magazine.
  1. Access to enter exclusive members-only contests.
  1. Sport accident insurance.
  1. Special discounts and offers from over 25 companies.
  • There is no additional registration necessary. If you register for any of the races in the series through the individual race promoters website (or other means they have for registering), and you are a listed USATF athlete before the start of the race, you will be entered in the series.
  • Just to be extra clear, to be eligible for prize money from, athletes must have USATF registration/license before the start of a race. Make sure that your registration is viewable on the USATF website as that is where I go to see who is eligible. Its really helpful if you use the same name spelling and address to register for each race as you did when you obtained/renewed your USATF license.
Click here to become a USATF member. If you have additional questions, feel free to email the series coordinator Robert Yerex at

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Max King Sets Record at Way Too Cool

Oregon based ultra runner Max King again shows why he's among the best. For the story in the Auburn Journal click through at Auburn Journal

Nike Sport Research Lab Recruiting

I work on the Nike Sport Research Lab in Beaverton, OR, and the group that tests running shoes is looking for subjects. There are a variety of studies and you don't need to be an elite athlete. If you are interested  please drop a line to If you get selected for a study, be sure to look me up when you are at the lab!

Oregon Mountain Running Series for 2013

I am putting the finishing touches on the plans for this summer's race series and will post the schedule by early next week. There will be at least 5 races, and possibly 6. La Sportiva has again been very generous in their support. Look for details soon!