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2010 IAU 100k World Championships - Megan Arbogast 5th

USA Ultrarunning has posted a new item, IAU 100km 2010 Champs - Wardian 3rd, Arbogast (Bend, OR) 5th. Michael Wardian of the USA finished 3rd overall at the 2010 100km World Championships, finishing in a time of 6:49:18.  Other US men's finishers include: 12th Matt Woods, 31, 6:58:36; 14th Chad Ricklefs, 42, 7:01:36; and 25th Joseph Binder, 27, in a time of 7:16:43.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

2011 IAU Trail Challenge - U.S. Team Qualification Guidelines

2011 IAU Trail Challenge - U.S. Team Qualification Guidelines
A contingent of American Trail Ultrarunners will be selected to compete at the 2011 International Association of Ultrarunners (IAU) World Trail Challenge under the patronage of the IAAF in Galway, Ireland.  This approximately 50 mile trail race takes place on Sunday July 10, 2011 (TENTATIVE). For more detaills see the event website (posted when available).
The U.S. would like to send a contingent of up to six men and up to six women ultrarunners. The contingent and alternates (if applicable) will be selected by the USATF Mountain/Ultra/Trail (MUT) Running Council which was established in 1998 to help USATF administer ultrarunning in the United States.

Qualifying Window is January 10, 2010 - April 11, 2011.
Athletes Notified by April 13, 2011. (With press announcement soon to follow)

Standards for Consideration for 2011 US Contingent to the World Trail Challenge

1. An American who finishes in the top 10 men or women at the 2010 IAU World Trail Challenge will receive automatic team selection (if applicable).

2. The winner of the 2011 USATF 50 mile trail championship (March 6, 2011), 50km trail championship (Sept 25, 2010), and 100km trail championship (January 8, 2011) will receive automatic selection if fewer than 6 are selected under criteria #1 (And provided these events fall within the stated qualifying window).

3. The top American male and female finishers at the 2010 IAU World Trail Challenge (if applicable) will be selected into the pool of potential team members if they place in the top 15 overall for their gender.

4. If further team members can be added, they could be chosen by committee with specific focus on performance at key U.S. races such as JFK 50 Mile, American River 50 Mile, and Ice Age 50 Mile.

5. Athletes must be citizens of the United States of America.

6. Athletes must be current USATF members.

Team Selection Process

Athletes will be named to the team from the team selection pool using the following procedures:
1. Athletes will be named to the team based on the order of the criteria above until all the team spots are filled. Athletes not automatically selected to the team through standards 1-3 above will be selected according to best performances (as deemed so by USATF Mountain, Ultra, and Trail Council) within qualifying guidelines.
2. If fewer than 6 athletes achieve the qualifying standards for consideration, no fewer than 4 athletes (three scoring and one additional) will be named based on performance (and/or interest)
3. If more than 6 athletes achieve the qualifying standards for consideration, up to 3 alternates (i.e., 6 team members and 3 alternates) will be named sequentially based on performance.
Selected athletes and alternates will be notified on or before April 13, 2011 with an official team announcement to follow. Alternates are encouraged to prepare, as they may be named to compete at any time if one of the other team members is unable to compete.

SPECIAL NOTE:  There is presently NO funding from USATF for athletes attending this championship event.  However, there may be some reimbursement available from the IAU or IAAF (to be determined at the event and distributed evenly among competing athletes as quickly as possible following the event).
If interested in being a member of this team, contact Howard Nippert -

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2011 La Sporiva / USATF-Oregon Mountain Running Series Announced

5/14/2011 - Larison Rock Hill Climb – Catrina Davis (

6/12/2011 - Granite Man 10 Mile Mountain Run -  Chad Wikander (

7/31/2011 - Great NW Mountain Run - Kevin Foreman (

8/6/2011 - Mt. Ashland Hill Climb -  Torsten Heycke (

9/3/2011 - Sunrise to Summit - Molly Kelly (

2010 USA Trail Marathon Championships - Photos

You can find photos from the 2010 USA Trail Marathon Championships held in conjunction with the Lithia Loop Trail Marathon at:

Thanks again to Hal Koerner and the Rogue Valley Runners crew for putting on a great race.

Event info and official results at:

Friday, December 3, 2010

2010 USA Track & Field Annual Meeting

VIRGINA BEACH, VA – The 2010 USATF National Convention is underway with the USATF Mountain/Ultra/Trail (MUT) Council meetings occurring on Friday and Saturday 12/3 & 12/4.   Learn about the results of the meeting including awarding of all of the MUT championships by following us on our twitter feed at  Two races in Bend have submitted bids for 2011 trail championships - Flagline 50k and Footzone Dirty Half.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

2010 Oregon Mountain Running Series Scoring - FINAL

The 2010 La Sportiva / USATF-Oregon Mountain Running Series wrapped up it's 3rd and most successful year to date.  Erik Skaggs and Jenn Shelton from Ashland claimed the overall mens and womens series titles.  Among masters runners Mario Tigli and Robert Yerex battled all season long before Mario prevailed by over 15 points.  The top masters female was Sharon Mosley who also an award winner at the USA 50k Trail Marathon Championships (Flagline 50k) and USA Trail Marathon Championships (Lithia Loop Trail Marathon).

First, Last, Gender, Age Group, Larison, Great NW, Ashland, S to S, Total, Best 3 of 4 Races
Erik    Skaggs    M    25-29    100    0    93.44        100    293.44    293.44
Sean    Meissner    M    35-39    87.71    91.26    79.86        78.16    336.99    258.83
Jenn    Shelton    F    25-29    81.74    0    66.57        79.57    227.88    227.88
Mario    Tigli    M    50-54    66.98    73.22    55.3        67.31    262.81    207.51
Kristin    Zosel    F    35-39    68.64    0    60.9        67.67    197.21    197.21
Mitch    Thompson    M    40-44    0    99.67    0        92.44    192.11    192.11
Robert    Yerex    M    50-54    64.71    62.29    56.07        62.46    245.53    189.46
Richard    Bolt    M    35-39    89.91    0    81.73        0    171.64    171.64
Yassine    Diboun    M    30-34    0    100    0        0    100    100
Max    King    M    30-34    0    0    100        0    100    100
Donald    Gallogly    M    40-44    0    89.35    0        0    89.35    89.35
Tim    Van Orden    M    40-44    0    0    88.13        0    88.13    88.13
Dave    Dunham    M    45-49    0    0    86.24        0    86.24    86.24
Peter    Fain    M    35-39    0    0    86.08        0    86.08    86.08
Tim    Olsen    M    25-29    0    0    84.56        0    84.56    84.56
Katie    Caba    F    35-39    0    0    0        82.43    82.43    82.43
Neil    Olsen    M    40-44    0    0    81.94        0    81.94    81.94
Stephanie    Howe    M    25-29    0    0    77.08        0    77.08    77.08
Ian    Torrance    M    35-39    0    0    75.2        0    75.2    75.2
JC    Callans    M    40-44    0    0    72.15        0    72.15    72.15
Michael    Sotos    M    35-39    0    0    71.11        0    71.11    71.11
James    Shanahan    M    35-39    69.19    0    0        0    69.19    69.19
Bill    Montegomery    M    50-54    0    0    68.52        0    68.52    68.52
Sharon    Mosley    F    45-49    0    0    0        64.21    64.21    64.21
Joe    Mosley    M    55-59    0    0    0        64.19    64.19    64.19
Shahid    Ali    M    25-29    0    0    60.94        0    60.94    60.94
Carl    Sniffen    M    55-59    0    0    54.53        0    54.53    54.53
Dieter     Heycke     M    75-79    0    0    41.41        0    41.41    41.41

28 USATF-Oregon members participated in the series in 2010.  $1000 in prize money was paid out.  La Sportiva has confirmed sponsorship again in 2011. 

Sunday, November 7, 2010

2010 USA Trail Marathon Championships - USATF Results

Andrew Schupp and Tim Olsen sprint for 6th place after 26.2 miles.  Below are the official USA Championship results for the Lithia Loop Trail Marathon.  These are USATF members only.  Complete results are at:

Place First Name Last Name Age Finish Time
1 Max King 30 2:41:24
2 Mario Mendoza 24 2:47:04
3 John Tribbia 28 2:47:55
4 Brad Mitchell 40 2:52:17
5 Alan Rozendaal 40 2:53:34
6 Timothy Olson 27 2:55:32
7 Andrew Schupp 30 2:55:32
8 Yassine Diboun 32 2:58:42
9 Neil Olsen 43 2:59:31
10 Dave Dunham 46 3:03:25
11 Greg McMillan 41 3:03:57
12 John Leuthold 42 3:04:52
13 Tim Van Orden 42 3:08:03
14 Scott Dunlap 41 3:09:00
15 Lawrence Merrifield Jr 42 3:14:31
16 John Couillard 29 3:16:20
17 William Emerson 46 3:17:01
18 Jamil Coury 25 3:17:20
19 Katie Caba F39 3:23:12
20 Jeff Caba 40 3:23:15
21 Nick Coury 23 3:25:40
22 Devon Crosby-Helms F28 3:28:36
23 Joseph Clark 49 3:30:34
24 Karalee Morris F32 3:32:10
25 Roxanne Woodhouse F47 3:33:17
26 Melissa Schweisguth F36 3:34:07
27 Steven Daut 37 3:34:32
28 Luann  Park F50 3:35:42
29 Larry Abraham 60 3:54:16
30 Laura Raber F32 3:54:34
31 Tom Taylor 31 3:59:13
32 Felicia Hazel F47 4:05:57
33 Thomas Ahle 61 4:19:15
34 Lawrence Dunlap 68 4:19:46
35 Tina Ure F51 4:35:58
36 Sherry Hecker F39 4:36:56
37 Richard Leutzinger 71 4:48:30
38 Sharon Mosley F48 5:01:00
39 Tia Bodington F54 5:06:23
40 Shahid Ali 25 5:12:46
41 Carl Sniffen 58 5:22:06
42 Bob Cowdrey 66 5:28:00
43 Joseph Emerson 67 6:20:00

2010 USA Trail Marathon Championships - Results

Max King (Bend, OR - #1 pictured above) and Katie Caba (Bend, OR - #12 pictured below) won their respective races at the USA Trail Marathon Championships held in conjunction with the 3rd Annual Lithia Loop Trail Marathon.  Max finished 16th at the World Mountain Running Championships this past September and ran a 2:15 at the recent Baltimore Marathon.  Katie won the inaugural Lithia Loop Trail Marathon in 2008 and won the Sunrise to Summit mountain race this past September. 

Brad Mitchell (Hailey, ID) and Roxanne Woodhouse (Weaverville, CA) won the masters (over 40) competition.  In the overall race masters figured strongly with 10 of the top 17 finishers being over 40 years old.  The race director Hal Koerner and his crew from Rogue Valley Runners did another fantastic job organizing the race and even orders perfect, clear, cool running weather. 

Complete results can be found at:
Official USA Championship results will be available soon here:

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

USA Trail Marathon Championships - Ashland, OR

Ashland, Oregon, November 1, 2010 – Entries have begun to pour in for the 3rd annual Lithia Loop Trail Marathon. For the second straight year this race doubles as the USATF Trail Marathon Championship with 6,000 dollars in prize money to be awarded to the top 5 open male and female competitors as well as the top 3 male and female masters finishers.  

The race is run on a mixture of trail and dirt road with 2 miles of pavement that sends as well as welcomes runners through beautiful Lithia Park located in downtown Ashland, Oregon.   There are 6 fully stocked aid stations along a course that climbs over 3,500ft and descends as much to the finish.  

Previous champions Max King (pictured above) and Jeff Caba are returning from Bend, Oregon to take a shot at the prize money.  King is coming off a 2:15:34 showing at the Baltimore Marathon and looks to take down another USATF Trail Championship banner to add to his string of victories in 2010.  

Returning contestants include John Tribbia from Boulder, Colorado, Yassine Diboun and Andrew Schupp from Portland, Oregon as well as 100k National Champion Timothy Olson from Ashland, Oregon.  

Greg McMillan returns as Masters Champion from 2009 but will be running from the start to allude Tim Van Orden and Dave Dunham from New England.   Richard Bolt from Portland leads a group of Oregonians ready to keep the medals in house.  

Fresh off her 6:28:44 at the USATF 50 Mile Championship at the Tussey Mountainback 50, Devon Crosby-Helms returns to gain the top spot that alluded her here last year as does Katie Caba from Bend, runner up in 2008.  Ashland’s own Jenn Shelton will be running her first marathon since claiming victory at the Deseret News Marathon in Utah in July.   

What: Lithia Loop Trail Marathon

Where: Ashland, Oregon

Who: 200 entries as of 11/1/10

When: November 6th, 2010 8 am

Results will be posted at:

Sunday, August 15, 2010

2010 Oregon Mountain Running Series Scoring - after 3 races

After 3 races have been completed in the 2010 La Sportiva / USATF-Oregon Mountain Running Series the scoring is as follows (pardon the poor formatting):

First  Last  Gender  Age Group  Larison  Great NW  Ashland  TOTAL
Sean    Meissner    M    35-39    87.71    91.26    79.86        258.83
Mario    Tigli    M    50-54    66.98    73.22    55.3        195.5
Erik    Skaggs    M    25-29    100    0    93.44        193.44
Robert    Yerex    M    50-54    64.71    62.29    56.07        183.07
Richard    Bolt    M    35-39    89.91    0    81.73        171.64
Jenn    Shelton    F    25-29    81.74    0    66.57        148.31
Kristin    Zosel    F    35-39    68.64    0    60.9        129.54
Yassine    Diboun    M    30-34    0    100    0        100
Max    King    M    30-34    0    0    100        100
Mitch    Thompson    M    40-44    0    99.67    0        99.67
Donald    Gallogly    M    40-44    0    89.35    0        89.35
Tim    Van Orden    M    40-44    0    0    88.13        88.13
Dave    Dunham    M    45-49    0    0    86.24        86.24
Peter    Fain    M    35-39    0    0    86.08        86.08
Tim    Olsen    M    25-29    0    0    84.56        84.56
Neil    Olsen    M    40-44    0    0    81.94        81.94
Stephanie    Howe    M    25-29    0    0    77.08        77.08
Ian    Torrance    M    35-39    0    0    75.2        75.2
JC    Callans    M    40-44    0    0    72.15        72.15
Michael    Sotos    M    35-39    0    0    71.11        71.11
James    Shanahan    M    35-39    69.19    0    0        69.19
Bill    Montegomery    M    50-54    0    0    68.52        68.52
Shahid    Ali    M    25-29    0    0    60.94        60.94
Carl    Sniffen    M    55-59    0    0    54.53        54.53
Dieter     Heycke     M    75-79    0    0    41.41        41.41

That's a total of 25 USATF members having competed in at least one race.  3 have completed all 3 races.  4 have run at least 2 races.  The 4th and final race in the series will be the Sunrise to Summit at Mt. Bachelor.  This 3 mile grind to the summit will bring runners to the highest elevation in the entire series at 9065 feet above sea level.  Another $100 will be up for grabs for the top USATF man and woman!

More information about this race can be found on the MBSEF website:
You can find a race registration form here:

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

2010 Mt Ashland Hillclimb - Results & Post Race Wrap-up

Race Director Torsten Heycke and his crew put on a great 33rd edition of the ever popular Mt. Ashland Hillclimb Run.  The 13.3 mile race climbs 5600' from Lithia Park to the summit of Mt. Ashland.  This year Bend speedster and newly minted member of the US Mountain Running Team Max King broke the course record set back in 1982.  Here are post event comments from the race director:

By now you may have seen results in the Medford Mail Tribune or online. We enjoyed great weather and fast(er) times. Max King set a new course record of 1 hour, 41 minutes, 50 seconds. Many of you had personal bests.

Andy Atkinson photos from the race are now up. The early photos show that Max King doesn't so much run as float up the hill.

It's fun to see people from far and wide participating in this event--Vermont, Utah, Hawaii, Massachusetts--and yet it's equally gratifying to see lots of local faces. This remains a community event. We have many locals who participate each year; Larry Zowada ran in the first hill climb back in 1978 and is still running.

By the way, if you have old results, we'd be interested in them.

Sponsors and Volunteers
To pull this event off requires considerable help from a lot of people. We enjoyed the assistance of 36 volunteers. Additionally, we enjoyed the stalwart support of the folks at Standing Stone Brewing Company, notably Alex Amarotico (who, by the way, ran on Saturday with no training). We thank the folks at Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy, who gave us, among other things, the BPA-free water bottles (remember to take out the paper from inside them before you use them!). And, of course, Rogue Valley Runners pitched in as usual. Thank them for the $600 worth of GPS watches given as random draw prizes. Dagoba Chocolate came through again as well.

More spots next year.
We filled up extremely early this year and many people could not enter who wanted to. The Forest Service has tentatively granted us the right to expand next year and we will to some degree.

You can help make this event better.
We are exploring ways to improve this event. You can help by participating in a really quick survey (takes a minute or two). Two people will be randomly chosen from survey takers (who leave us optional contact information) for prizes (gift certificates to Apple Cellar bakery). You have through August 23rd to participate.

Thanks and see you next year,
The Mt A minions


You can find a great first hand account of the race by Dave Dunham.
Dave finished 2nd at the World Mountain Running Championships in Gap, France and has been a multiple winner of the Mt. Washington Road Race.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Registration open for the 2010 Sunrise to Summit

Sunrise to Summit is a 3.5 mile uphill race to the summit of Mt. Bachelor and is part of the La Sportiva / USATF-Oregon Mountain Running Series.  The top man and woman who are members of USATF-Oregon will each receive $100 cash.  10:30am start from the lodge at Sunrise Lodge at Mt. Bachelor.  From the start at Sunrise Lodge (Elev. 6,470’), runners must stay on Marshmallow to the top of the Sunrise chair, then everyone must stay on the designated trail that winds up to the Summit (Elev. 9,065’).  More information about this race can be found on the MBSEF website:
You can find a race registration form here:

Sunday, August 1, 2010

2010 Oregon Mountain Running Series Scoring - after 2 races

At the half-way point in the 2010 La Sportiva / USATF-Oregon Mountain Running Series Sean Meissner (Sisters, OR) (pictured right) leads the scoring with 178.97 points.  The top woman in the series is Jenn Shelton (Ashland, OR) who won the Larison Rock Hillclimb held back in May in Oakridge, OR.  There is a tight battle in the 50+ division with both Mario Tigli (Sandy, OR) and Robert Yerex (Sandy, OR) having run both races in the series.  Mario is leading with 140.2 points of Robert's 127 points.  10 members of USATF-Oregon have competed in series races to date.  Next up will be the Mt. Ashland Hillclimb on August 7.  The final race in the series will be the Sunrise to Summit at Mt. Bachelor on September 4.  The top USATF-Oregon man and woman at each race get's $100 in cash.  There will be additional cash and merchandise prizes for overall series winners provided by USATF-Oregon and La Sportiva.  Here is the scoring after 2 races:

First Last Gender Age Group Larison Great NW TOTAL
Sean Meissner M 35-39 87.71 91.26 178.97
Mario Tigli M 50-54 66.98 73.22 140.2
Robert Yerex M 50-54 64.71 62.29 127
Yassine Diboun M 30-34 0 100 100
Erik Skaggs M 25-29 100 0 100
Mitch Thompson  M  40-44  0  99.67  99.67
Richard Bolt M 35-39 89.91 0 89.91
Donald Gallogly M 40-44 0 89.35 89.35
Jenn Shelton F 25-29 81.74 0 81.74
James Shanahan M 35-39 69.19 0 69.19
Kristin Zosel F 35-39 68.64 0 68.64

Info on the Mt. Ashland Hillclimb:

Info on the Sunrise to Summit:

Info on the 3rd Annual La Sportiva / USATF-Oregon Mountain Running Series:

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Graniteman 2010 - Collins Mountain Trail Run

The Graniteman was not part of the 2010 La Sportiva / USATF-Oregon Mountain Running Series due to it taking place on the same day as the Great NW Mountain Run at Mt. Hood.  It was still a great race in spite of the date change.  You can read about it on the Rogue Valley Runners blog:

Monday, July 26, 2010

Great Northwest Mountain Run - Mt. Hood

The second race in the 2010 La Sportiva / USATF-Oregon Mountain Running Series took place this past weekend at Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood.  The 3rd Annual Great Northwest Mountain Run was put on by Kevin Foreman and his excellent XDog Events crew.  Yassine Diboun (Portland, OR) won the overall race and collected the $100 cash prize from USATF-Oregon.  Complete results will be available soon at:

The next race in the series will be the 33rd Annual Mt. Ashland Hillclimb on Saturday, August 7.  Find race information here:

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

U.S. Mountain Running Team to be Selected at Mount Washington

The 2010 U.S. Mountain Running Team will travel to Kamnik, Slovenia, to compete in the 26th World Mountain Running Championships on Sunday, September 5. This year’s open team – six men and four women – will be selected at the U.S. Mountain Running Championships to be held at the Mt. Washington Road Race on Saturday, June 19, starting at 10:00 a.m.

The increased support by the race’s primary sponsor, Northeast Delta Dental, was a contributing factor in choosing a single selection race for the team this year.

“The USATF Mountain Ultra Trail Running Council, when considering a host for our selection races, looks at the venue, the race management, and the support the event will provide for our athletes. Mount Washington not only offers a well-managed event with an incredible history (celebrating its 50th running in 2010), this year organizers and sponsors stepped up to increase the prize money and in doing so have amassed a field of competitors unmatched in U.S. mountain running history,” said USATF’s Mountain Ultra Trail Running Council Chairperson Nancy Hobbs. “Having a single selection race is something new for our program (typically there are 2-3 selection races for the team), and means the athletes have just one opportunity to earn a spot on the team. This opportunity will become a reality for 10 of America’s best on Saturday.”

The course will test runners’ strength and endurance for the entire 7.6 miles from the base of the Auto Road with an unrelenting 12 percent grade to the 6,288-foot summit of Mount Washington, the highest peak in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

The course provides elevation gains which closely mirror those found in Slovenia’s uphill-only route. In Slovenia, the men will run 12 kilometers with more than 4,300 feet of elevation gain, while the women will run 8.5 kilometers with 3,370 feet of elevation gain.

Among the top U.S. competitors on Saturday will be men's and women's defending champions, Coloradoans Rickey Gates of Boulder, and Brandy Erholtz, of Bailey. Gates is only the fifth man ever to break the one-hour barrier on Mt. Washington, having won last year in 59 minutes 58 seconds. Erholtz is looking for her third straight victory and has her sights set on chasing down the women's course record, 1:10:08, set in 1998 by Magdalena Thorsell of Sweden.

Gates, a four-time mountain running team member, is closely matched with at least two familiar rivals, two-time Mt. Washington champion Eric Blake, New Britain, CT who has also been on the mountain team four times, as well as Joe Gray, Lakewood, WA, who finished fourth here in 2008 and then third in 2009, just behind Gates and Blake. Gray has represented the U.S. twice at Worlds and is the 2009 USA Mountain Running Champion. They'll be joined by two-time mountain team members (’08, ’09) Matt Byrne, of Scranton, PA, who was sixth in 2008 and fourth last year at Mt. Washington and Zac Freudenburg, St. Louis, MO, seventh in 2008; Max King, Bend, OR, who won the USA Half Marathon Trail Championships on June 13; Jeffrey Eggleston, Flagstaff, AZ, who ran a 2:14:32 in his debut marathon this year in Phoenix; Malcolm Campbell, Marietta, GA, who won the 2008 Hogpen Hillclimb in Georgia; Timothy Parr, Gunnison, CO, a three-time mountain team member, and Ryan Hafer, Colorado Springs, CO, both past winners of the Pikes Peak Ascent; Luke Watson, State College, PA, a 2:15 marathoner; 2005 mountain team member Kevin Tilton, North Conway, NH; Kristopher Houghton, Albuquerque, NM, a sub-30 minute 10k runner and third at last year’s team selection race in Colorado. One of the newcomers attracting special attention is two-time U.S. Mountain Running junior team member, 19-year-old Zach Rivers, Victor, NY, who will attempt to break the oldest mark in the Mt. Washington books – the course record for runners 19 and under, 1:09:18, set by Sean Livingston in 1987.

Among the top women are four-time mountain team members Laura Haefeli, Del Norte, CO, who finished third at Mt. Washington in 2008 while setting the women's masters course record, and reigning U.S. Mountain Champion Christine Lundy, Sausalito, CA; two-time U.S. Mountain Running team member Megan Kimmel, Silverton, CO; Alison Bryant, Elkin, NC, who finished third in 2007, fifth in 2008 and fourth last year; Nicole Hunt, Deer Lodge, MT, who placed second in her last Mt. Washington appearance (2007 to win the U.S. Championships and earn a spot on the mountain running team) behind the Czech Republic’s Anna Pichrtova; three-time mountain team member Rachel Cuellar, Albuquerque, NM; Kristin Price, Raleigh, NC, who won the 2009 U.S. Women's Trail 10k National Championship; Megan Lund, Basalt, CO, the women's course record-holder in the Aspen (CO) Mountain Uphill, a 2008 U.S. Olympic marathon trials qualifier, and a member of last year’s mountain running team; Gina Lucrezi, Southborough, MA, leader in the USATF New England mountain running series; Amber Moran, a 1:17 half-marathoner from Arden, NC; and Rachel Cieslewicz, Salt Lake City, UT.

FOR A COMPLETE LIST OF ENTRANTS, sortable by name, by state, or by hometown, visit the Mt. Washington Road Race web site,, and click on Lottery Results. The site also includes a photo gallery, a history of the race, results from previous years, and other information.

The U.S. Mountain Running Junior Team will be selected based on running resumes. For details visit and

Monday, June 14, 2010

Max King and Sopagna Eap win Dirty Half

Max King and Sopagna Eap win first ever USA Trail Half Marathon National Championships in Bend, Oregon

BEND – On a beautiful sunny day with temps in the 60s, hometown favorite Max King of Bend, and Sopagna Eap of Eugene, OR both set new course records at the 9th annual Dirty Half half marathon, which served as the first ever USA Trail Half Marathon National Championships. USA Track & Field runners from across the country were competing for $3000 in prize money courtesy of Visit Bend (

"The field was absolutely ripping fast this year. These times are truly incredible on a course like this", said race director "Super" Dave Thomason from Footzone Bend.

“The City of Bend, Visit Bend and the community of Bend where thrilled to host the 1st ever USA Track & Field Trail Half Marathon. The Dirty Half trail half marathon is a hallmark event for Bend and it showed its true colors once again with unbelievable community support, a challenging course and superb race directing by Dave Thomason. The City of Bend and Visit Bend look forward to bringing more USA Track & Field Trail Running National Championships in future years.”

Early on in the race the lead pack of runners included Max King, Eric Bohn (Flagstaff, AZ), Mario Mendoza (Cambria, CA) and Carlos Trujillo and his twin brother Esteban (Eugene, OR). King finished in 1:11:03, followed by the Trujillo brothers, with Carlos coming in at 1:12:17 and Esteban in 1:14:02. Bohn came in 4th (1:14:16) and Mendoza finished in 5th (1:17:20). King earned $700 for the win, with Carlos receiving $400 for second and Esteban $300 for third. First Master and 6th overall was Paul Parsons of Bend in a time of 1:21:36. Parsons took home $100 for being the top master.

King looks to carry his success to next weekend when he heads to Gorham, New Hampshire for the USA Mountain Running Championships at the 50th Annual Mount Washington Road Race.

On the women’s side Eap battled with eventual second place finisher and US Olympic Cross Country Ski Team Member, Morgan Arritola (Ketchum, ID) for the first 9 miles until Sopagna surged ahead for the win. Rounding out the women’s top 3 and winning the female masters category was Bend’s very own Lisa Nye, a former winner at the Dirty Half. Eap took home $700 for first overall, with Arritola winning $400 and Nye winning $400 as well ($300 for 3rd, $100 for 1st Master).

I was really impressed with the trail centric atmosphere here in Bend today. The race had 800 entrants with great amenities. It’s clear to me that Dave and his crew here know what it takes to put on a quality event. As USATF continues its campaign to reach out to more runners in the Mountain, Ultra and Trail community across the country, it was really exciting to see such a great turnout here in Bend today,” noted Paul Kirsch, USATF Mountain/Ultra/Trail Championships Chair and race liason.

USATF will return to Bend on September 25TH for the USA 50K Trail Championships, with a $3000 prize purse courtesy of Visit Bend.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

2010 Larison Rock Hillclimb - Results

The second annual Larison Rock Hillclimb was held yesterday in conjunction with the Salmon River Run / Walk - a long time community event in Oakridge, OR. The field was small but several elite trail runners came from all corners of the state to see who would take the $150 award for first (woman and man). USATF-Oregon put up $100 and race director Alan Abbs put up another $50 courtesy of Sunsweet Growers. Series title sponsor La Sportiva also provided support including free trail running shoes. Race participant and Peterson Ridge Rumble race director Sean Meissner put his money where his mouth is by offer cash for anyone who broke 40 minutes.

The race started at Green Waters Park just off Rt 58 East of downtown Oakridge. After crossing the Willamette River on a foot bridge, the course proceeded along a half mile of flat single-track and half mile of dirt road before hitting the Larison Rock Trail. The Larison Rock Trail is 3.5 miles of continuous single-track climb up 2200 vertical feet to the tree topped summit of Larison Rock.

The race was won by Erik Skaggs and Jenn Shelton for the second year in a row. Both took home $150 in cash prizes and now lead the La Sportiva / USATF-Oregon Mountain Running Series.

Complete Race Results:
1 - Erik Skaggs - 27 (Ashland, OR) - 42:36 (USATF)
2 - Adam Booth - 27 (Eugene, OR) - 42:51
3 - Richard Bolt - 39 (Portland, OR) - 47:23 (USATF)
4 - Sean Meissner - 36 (Sisters, OR) - 48:34 (USATF)
5 - Jenn Shelton - 26 (Ashland, OR) - 52:07 (USATF)
6 - James Shanahan - 36 (Welches, OR) - 1:01:34 (USATF)
7 - Kristin Zosel - 35 (Eugene, OR) - 1:02:40 (USATF)
8 - Mario Tigli - 52 - 1:03:36
9 - Robert Yerex - 50 (Sandy, OR) - 1:05:50 (USATF)
10 - Sheron Rogers - 48 - 1:09:29
11 - Mark Bethel - 40 - 1:10:03

Race photos can be found at:

The next race in the series will be the Great NW Mountain Run at Mt. Hood on July 25.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

USA 15km Trail Champs in Spokane, WA

The first ever USA 15km Trail Running Championships will take place on July 31, 2010 in Spokane, WA. This will be the second USATF sanctioned trail running National Championship to be held in Washington State. The White River 50 Miler has been the USA 50 Mile Trail Championship on several occasions. You can register for this race and find more information at

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Yassine Diboun wins Peterson Ridge Rumble

Portland's Yassine Diboun (picture left at the 2009 Where's Waldo 100k) won the 60k race at the Peterson Ridge Rumble over the weekend. You can read Yassine's account of the race on his blog here:
He has posted photos here.
You can find complete results at
Nice job Yassine!

You can read another race report from Amy Sproston on her blog at:

XTERRA Bend 5/10km Trail Runs Coming in September

XTERRA Bend 5/10km Trail Runs and coming back to Bend, OR on September 18, 2010. You can register here:

You can go head to head with the best runners in the country in the 21k National Championship Race or if something more low key is what you want consider the 5k or 10k races.

Are you looking for a place to stay or other activities in Bend? Check out

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Gleukos Urban Cross - Portland, OR

Coming this summer to Portland - the Gleukos Urban Cross running race. The inaugural race will be on July 24, here is what the race website says:

"Who says cross country has to stay in the country? Welcome to the Gleukos Urban Cross where all of the dirt and muck of the most challenging and fun cross country courses is dumped on the golf course located inside the horse race track at Portland Meadows in Portland, Oregon. That’s right, six traditional cross country obstacles (on steroids) will challenge you and your team of seven to see which team can conquer the course in the least amount of time. Teams will be scored via traditional cross-country scoring rules. Each team participant will also be scored as an individual with overall and age group results posted. Team classifications include: High School, Club, Corporate and Open. This spectator-friendly course also allows your friends & family to view your progress in the race at many points with relative ease. Challenge your favorite rival for a not so average run in the park and bring the kiddos for a Kids’ Dash following the adult XC races."

Cross Country is typically a Fall sport but we'll take what we can get. Read more on the race website here:

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Graniteman Mountain Run 2010

The Graniteman Mountain Run will return in 2010 with new race directors. Chad Wikander and Josh Hamik will be at the helm this year to present a triathlon, off-road duathlon and mountain run. The races will be held on July 24 at Applegate Lake south of Jacksonville, OR.

Unfortunately this year's mountain run will not be part of the La Sportiva / USATF Oregon Mountain Running Series due to it taking place on the same day as the Great Northwest Mountain Run on Mt. Hood.

Chad and Josh hope to move the race back to its traditional early June date in 2011 at which point it will once again be part of the Oregon Mountain Running Series.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Upcoming trail races in Tigard, OR

From the race director:

We are having a local 5km and 10km on the trails in Cook Park, Tigard. For all the details please see:
You could even do a double: 10k on Saturday, Rumble on Sunday?!

Hope to see you in April!


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

USATF Announces World Championship 24-Hour Run National Team

Press Release from USATF:

Indianapolis, IN – USATF announces the 2010 USA National Team for the International Association of Ultrarunners’ 24-hour Run World Championship, to be held in Brive, France on May 13-14, 2010.


Suzanna Bon, 45, Sonoma, CA. Bon is one of two mothers of 5 on the national team. A former elementary school teacher, she ran her first ultra in 2003 and has specialized in trail races, collecting numerous victories and course records. Her road ultra debut was a stunning 134.7-mile victory at the San Francisco 24 Hour Race in 2009.

Jamie Donaldson, 35, Littleton, CO. Donaldson is a middle school math teacher who has been the USA’s top finisher at the 24-Hour Run World Championship the past two years, finishing 4th in 2009 world title race in Italy. She was runner-up to Kami Semick for Ultrarunning Magazine’s Ultrarunner of the Year in those years and was a USATF athlete of the week in 2009. She is a 2-time winner and women’s course recordholder of the Badwater 135 mile race across Death Valley. She recently ran 21:01:28 to break the American track record for 200km.

Debra Horn, 50, Cleveland, OH. Horn is a partner in a Cleveland law firm. She recently broke the American Women’s 50-54 age-group 12 Hour record with 72.96 miles. This will be Horn’s fourth consecutive National 24-Hour Run team. In 2009 she was the #3 scorer on the U.S. Women’s team which won the silver medal at the World 24-Hour in Italy, and she followed that with a bronze medal performance at the 2009 USA 24-Hour Run Championship. When not running or practicing law, Horn is a member of the Mayfield Curling Club’s national champion team in the winter Olympic sport of Curling.

Amy Palmiero-Winters, 37, Hicksville, NY. This mother of two is the Sports Programs Director at two different organizations on Long Island and is also a coach and motivational speaker. An ultrarunner for less than half a year, she won her first ultra, the Heartland 100 Mile in October, for which she was selected as USATF’s Athlete of the Week. In only her second ultra she won the Arizona 24-Hour Race overall with 130.04 miles and secured the final spot on the women’s national team by less than a mile on the last day of the qualifying window. In 1997, following 27 surgeries for a motorcycle accident, Palmiero-Winters had her left leg amputated below the knee. She has subsequently become a single-leg below-the-knee amputee world recordholder in over a dozen events (including the marathon and Ironman distance triathlon). She runs with a custom-designed prosthesis, and she has made history by becoming the first-ever amputee to qualify for an open, able-bodied USA National Team.

Jill Perry, 39, Manlius, NY. A relative newcomer to the sport of ultrarunning, Perry is the second mother of 5 young children on the team. She runs her own coaching service for running mothers when not training herself. Perry won the 2009 USA 24-Hour Run National Championship with 136.3 miles, moving into the top 10 all-time U.S. women. She is also the course record holder at the Umstead 100-mile in North Carolina.

Anna Piskorska, 37, Blandon, PA. A native of Gdansk, Poland, Piskorska became a U.S. citizen in 2006. When not running, she works for Occupational Health and Urgent Care in Reading, PA. A runner for only 4 years, Piskorska quickly gravitated to ultra distances. She was women’s silver medalist at the 2009 USA 24-Hour Championship with 132.6 miles.


Serge Arbona, 45, Baltimore, MD. Arbona is a self-employed handyman and father of two. He has been running and winning ultramarathons for almost a decade, with a racing range from 50km to 6 days. In July 2009 he won the “20 in 24” 24-Hour Race in Philadelphia with a total of 146.28 miles. This is his first national team.

John Geesler, 51, St. Johnsville, NY. Geesler is the Maintenance Supervisor at at textile mill. The 3-time USA 24-Hour Run Champion and 5-time national team member returns to the team as an athlete, following one year as team manager. He is the current 48-hour American Road Record Holder with 248 miles. Most recently, he was silver medalist at the 2009 USA 24-Hour Run National Championship.

Michael Henze, 40, Neenah, WI. Henze is the Plant Controller for a packing company, and is relatively new to ultrarunning. Henze once weighed over 300 pounds before taking up running and dropping over 1/3 of his body weight. Since taking up long distances he has never finished worse than 2nd in an ultramarathon race. In June 2009 he won and broke the course record at the FANS 24-Hour with 147.41 miles.

Scott Jurek (pictured above), 36, Seattle, WA. Jurek is a physical therapist and running coach who is best known for his unprecedented 7 consecutive wins and course record at the prestigious Western States 100-mile Endurance Run over the Sierra Nevada mountains. He has also won the 135-mile Badwater Ultramarathon in Death Valley, the Hardrock 100 Mile Race in Colorado, and the classic 153-mile Spartathlon (from Athens to Sparta) in Greece, where his winning performance is still second only to that of the legendary multiple world record holder Yiannis Kouros. Jurek has been named a Running Hero by Runner’s World magazine and three times was voted Ultrarunner of the Year by Ultrarunning magazine. He is prominently feaatured in the NY Times bestseller, Born to Run, by Christopher McDougall. This will be his first time as a member of the 24-Hour Run National Team.

Phil McCarthy, 41, New York, NY. McCarthy is a classically trained pianist, singer, and composer. He won the 2009 USA 24-Hour Run National Championship with 151.49 miles. He has a personal best over 154 miles, set in the 2007 World 24-Hour Run Championship where he led the USA team with a 4th place individual finish. In 2008 he finished 2nd in the invitational Surgeres 48 Hour Run in France with 235 miles. This will be McCarthy’s 4th consecutive 24-Hour Run National Team.

Dan Rose, 33, Washington, D.C. Rose is a Special Event Coordinator for the Library of Congress. A cancer survivor, he began his running career following treatments at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, by running the Boston Marathon to raise funds for the institute. He makes his first national team by virtue of his 3rd place finish at the 2009 USA 24-Hour Run National Championship with 139.22 miles. In November of 2009 Rose ran the length of the hilly 142-mile Horse-Shoe Trail from Valley Forge, PA to just north of Harrisburg, PA, under 33 hours.


Roy Pirrung, 61, Sheboygan, WI. Pirrung is recently retired from the Kohler Company, after 36 years of service. He has previously served as team manager while also being a scoring team member (hence affectionately known as the team’s “player-coach”) for the first 7 previous editions of the 24-Hour Run World Championship. He was the winner of the inaugural USA 24-Hour National Championship in 1988 and is a former American Record Holder for both the 24-Hour and 48-Hour runs. He has competed internationally since 1989, including three top 6 finishes at Greece’s Spartathlon. He is a member of the USATF Masters Hall of Fame.

Mike Spinnler, 51, Hagerstown, MD. Spinnler is President and Team Coordinator of the Cumberland Valley Athletic Club. He has served on five previous USA National Team Staffs, including the past 3 years with the 100Km team. He has been Race Director of numerous road races, ranging in distance from one-mile to 50-miles for the past three decades. Since 1993 he has served as the Executive Director of the JFK 50 Mile, America’s oldest and largest ultramarathon, of which he is a former winner and course record holder. Spinnler was named the 1997 National Junior College Athletic Association’s “National Coach of the Year” in Women’s Track and Field.

Dr. Andy Lovy, 75, Kirksville, MO. Dr. Lovy graduated from the Chicago School of Osteopathy in 1962 and in his first practice served as the team doctor for two teams in West Virginia. He later lectured in the physical and emotional aspects of sports medicine at the Toledo Medical Association and the Czech Republic Annual Convention of sports medicine. He has also been a guest lecturer at the medical meeting of the Boston Marathon. He has participated in 191 marathons and 192 ultras since 1983 and has served as the 24-Hour Run National Team physician 4 of the past 5 years. He is a highly decorated U.S. Army veteran, having served in Vietnam as a combat physician working with MEDEVAC helicopter units.