Monday, March 14, 2011

USA 100k Road Championships coming up soon!

Fast 100K and 50K times are possible in fact, they're becoming the standard - in Madison, Wisconsin, at the Mad City 100K - Saturday, April 9, 2011.

In 2010, according to the rankings just published in UltraRunning magazine, 5 of the fastest 10 times by American men were run here in the national championship race. Among the best 75 times for American men were these outstanding performances at Mad City: Matt Woods (5th), 7:06:22; Greg Crowther (6th), 7:15:11; Chad Ricklefs (8th), 7:16:52; Chikara Omine (9th), 7:17:14; Michael Arnstein (10th), 7:27:48; Michael Kanning (18th), 8:13:03; Stuart Kolb (19th), 8:15:19; Christopher Clausen (51st), 9:26:26; Ryan Dexter (63rd), 9:39:52; and Tatsunori Suzuki (65th), 9:42:28.

Plus, UltraRunning's Top 75 for 2010 shows these outstanding performances by American women at Mad City: Meghan Arbogast (6th), 8:00:52; Annette Bednosky (7th), 8:05:24; Melanie Fryar (8th), 8:18:25; Krissy Moehl (9th), 8:33:51; Angie Radosevich (11th), 8:46:00; Jenny Capel (13th), 8:57:54; Sonya Decker (19th), 9:33:29; and Lynne Werner (68th), 11:40:51.

In our non-championship Mad City 50K race, overall winner Beverley Anderson-Abbs ran 3:44:13, the 10th fastest 50K time among American women in 2010.

The current Mad City course records:
100K men Michael Wardian (2008) 6:56:57
100K women Meghan Arbogast (2010) 8:00:52 (pictured above)
50K men Patrick Russell (2009) 3:08:28
50K women Julie Spencer (2009) 3:34:45

There's still time to register for the 2011 Mad City 100K races, both the 100-kilometer US national championship and the non-championship (but competitive) 50-kilometer race. Registration and race information are available through the race website,

Due to the timing of the 2012 World Championship 100K race, there may not be a US national championship in 2012. Now is the time to race.

Think about it and help spread the word.