Sunday, July 13, 2008

McCubbin's Gulch Scramble - Race Report

The McCubbin's Gultch Scramble is a 5 to 6 mile, very technical, off-road running race near Bear Springs, Oregon.

Below is a first person race report from Team Red Lizard President Torrey Lindbo:
The race was challenging as ever. A new ribbon color (white with checkers) seemed to blend in with the intense sunlight pouring through the pine forest canopy. Apart from the usual hills, rocks, logs, sticks, branches and creek crossings, navigation was definitely a factor in this race.

I worked together with Joe Remtiz, who eventually finished 2nd, for a good part of the course with both of us trading off taking the lead and helping each other spot ribbons. There were more than a few spots where we had to stop and backtrack to the last ribbon because we had lost the trail - but we were far enough ahead of the next runners from the start that no one ever caught us even when we had to spend some time to pick up the trail again.

The course pops out onto a forest service road for the final half mile and that was where I put it into racing speed and will have to wait to see what the official results show, but it seemed like I put about a minute on Joe in that final stretch.
This course also adds in a little barbed wire for good measure; there is one point where you have to make your way under a fence before one of the creek crossings - I know I saw one girl who got a little scratched up; but not the women's winner.

Audra Hendon was the winner on the women's side, powering her little not-quite 5 foot tall body to the finish several minutes ahead of the next two women who dscended the final hill and splahed down into the dammed up creek which is the finish at the same time. A great way to cool off after a hot dusty run in the woods.

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