Thursday, November 13, 2008

Trail Running Tips – Part One

Are you new to trail running or just looking to improve your trail running game?  Here are some simple tips:

1. Stay on marked and existing trails 
2. Don’t cut switchbacks
3. Go through puddles, not around them
4. Climb or jump over fallen trees instead of going around them
5. When multiple trails exist, run on the one that is the most worn
6. Do not litter, leave no trace, and be sure to pack everything out that you packed in
7. Use minimum impact techniques to dispose of human waste
8. Leave what you find — take only photographs
9. Close all gates that you open
10. Keep pets leashed at all times and be sure to leave pets at home when running in areas posted “no pets”
11. Stop to help others in need: even while racing, sacrifice your event to aid other trail users that might be in trouble
12. Volunteer at trail races – pre, during, or post event
13. Volunteer, support, and encourage others to participate in trail maintenance days

The above tips are re-published courtesy of Nancy Hobbs, the Executive Director, American Trail Running Association (ATRA).

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