Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mountain Running Report from IAAF Meetings in Monaco

WMRA Treasurer and President of the American Trail Running Association Nancy Hobbs was just in Monaco for IAAF meetings related for mountain and ultra running. Here are some of her notes from the trip:

Nancy Hobbs - January 18, 2009
1) Plans going smooth for Italy [World Mountain Running Championship] event. Funicular will be transport -- and bus -- from Campodolcino to the start area which is in a town with an M. The athletes will stay in two different locations (teams I should say). Some in Campo, others in another team with an M. Can not remember name right now. There WILL NOT be an open race -- at least nothing planned right now.
2) World Champs will be the 6th of 7 races in the WMRA Grand Prix. Smarna Gora Finale event again. Runners score with at least 4 I think it is. Points for Italy event same as Smarna Gora.

3) World Masters in Croatia coming along fine. Race course sounds fantastic.

4) Poland is bidding to host masters in 2010

5) Pikes Peak Ascent will be Long Distance Challenge in 2010

6) Bids from noone yet for 2010 WChamps, but hopeful for a venue in either Austria or Germany

7) For 2011 - Darbersham (sp) in England interested and also Germany I believe

8) For 2011 Long Distance challenge -- interest from race in Slovenia

9) Meetings went really well this year -- it is an election year in Italy by the way.

Nancy Hobbs - January 15, 2009
I ran in shorts and lightweight long sleeve and was plenty warm... and with my camera. I did just under an hour -- walking some to take photos...and running very easy. The waves were crashing on the rocks and spilling the mist over the sidewalk where I ran along the coast. My sunglasses got speckled with misty droplets. I watched the sunset. Climbed up the road a bit from the sea and took some photos overlooking Cap d'Ail -- the stadium, the soccer fields, the heli port. There wasn't a cloud in the sky.

I did a short walk tonight. Doing my speed hill work tomorrow perhaps with my friend Sharon. She is here with her husband Adrian who is on the council with me (they are from Wales and just spent two days in Nice before getting here). Tonight they went to the Circus with the president of our assoc. Danny Hughes and his wife Norma. I opted to stay in and catch up on sleep before busy days ahead.

Tomorrow we go to a new place with the IAU council and our group along with two of the IAAF XC/RR delegates -- Otto Klappert and Carlos Cardoza. Pierre and perhaps two staffers from the IAAF office will join us -- probably 25 or so. Saturday night we go to our favorite place on the water -- 12 of us for that one. Danny was happy to secure 30 euro per person for Saturday night. Of course I don't eat/drink that much, but the others make up fo r my lack of appetite.

Saw the movie Bottle Shock on the airplane -- decent movie related to the wine industry in France/Napa valley in the 70s -- timely. Did more listening to my iPod on the flight than anything else -- and hydrating, hydrating... I have to say, it is way nicer weather than I thought we'd have. It was due to rain today...the storm is/was coming from Africa but is headed east. Being in a mircro climate the weather here is almost always gorgeous. The driver who collected me at the airport talked about the toursits, the weather, his home on the hillside where he and his wife raise their two White Shepheard dogs and two Andalusion horses. He showed me a photo since I told him I had a horse. We also talked some politics and he gave me his insight toward the accident in '83(?) when Grace Kelly was killed. She was much revered in the area. Her daughter Stephanie is very active with the promotion/support of the circus and the driver said she is certainly not over/past the accident which killed her Mom. We got to the hotel in record time -- everyone drives wicked fast here.

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