Monday, June 8, 2009

2009 Granite Man Trail Races - Results

The second race in the 2009 La Sportiva / USATF Oregon Mountain Running Series took place this past Saturday at Applegate Lake in way, way Southern Oregon. The Granite Man Mountain Run was an 11 mile race that climbed 2000' up & down Collins Mountain.

Winning for the second straight year were local runners Erik Skaggs and Jenn Shelton. Both Erik and Jenn also won the inagural Larison Rock Hill Climb which took place last month in Oakridge, OR.

Here are the top 5 men and women:
Male Participants
1. Erik Skaggs 1:12:40 (USATF)
2. Ian Torrence 1:19:00 (USATF)
3. Thomas Ferrell 1:20:12
4. Joe Griffin 1:24:43
5. Donald Gallogly 1:33:49 (USATF)

Female Participants
1. Jenn Shelton 1:29:43 (USATF)
2. Emily Dean 1:55:27
3. Esther Olsen 1:58:32
4. Tara Shanor 2:07:31
5. Missy Nystrom 2:09:30

New this year was the addition of 3 other trail races - a 5k, 30k and 60k - providing more choices to runners who didn't want to race the 11 mile mountain run. The top finishers in the 60k were reigning USATF 100k Trail Champion Neil Olsen and USATF Female Master Ultra Running of the Year Beverley Anderson-Abbs.

Male Participants
1. Neil Olsen 4:51:48 (USATF)
2. Alan Abbs 5:23:14
3. Ben Benjamin 7:00:11
4. Jerry Duncan 7:12:38
5. Jeff Herd 7:29:17

Female Participants
1. Beverley Anderson-Abbs 4:58:18 (USATF)

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