Wednesday, September 30, 2009

2009 Oregon Mountain Running Series Final Scoring

The second annual La Sportiva / USATF-Oregon Mountain Running Series is complete and the final scoring compiled. Ashland's Ian Torrence (pictured) leads the points total thanks to his speedy legs and attendance at 4 of the 5 races. Taking the masters title was new USATF member Donald Gallogly (Corvallis, OR) who was the only other runner to also complete 4 races. Just to review, the series races were:

May 2 - Larison Rock Hillclimb (Oakridge)
June 6 - Graniteman Mountain Run (Jacksonville)
August 1 - Mt. Ashland Hillclimb (Ashland)
August 16 - Great Northwest Mountain Run (Mt. Hood)
September 5 - Sunrise to Summit (Mt. Bachelor)

Thanks to the generosity of our title sponsor La Sportiva, every USATF member who scored points in the series (listed below) will get a FREE pair of trail running shoes! For collecting the highest points total, Ian Torrance will also receive a mystery prize from my swag bag. Congrats also to our other age group / gender winners Jenn Shelton (Open Female), Chuck Whiteley (50-59 Male), Susanna Beck (Masters Female) and Dusty Miller (60-69 Male).

Name Age Group Sex City TOTAL
Ian Torrence 0 - 39 (Open) M Ashland, OR 349.12
DON GALLOGLY 40 - 49 M Corvallis, OR 314.64
Erik Skaggs 0 - 39 (Open) M Ashland, OR 296.40
Jenn Shelton 0 - 39 (Open) F Ashland, OR 154.89
Chuck Whiteley 50 - 59 M Medford, OR 119.69
Max King 0 - 39 (Open) M Bend, OR 100.00
Joe Gray 0 - 39 (Open) M Lakewood, WA 100.00
Hal Koerner 0 - 39 (Open) M Ashland, OR 90.11
Richard Bolt 0 - 39 (Open) M Portland, OR 90.00
Susanna Beck 40 - 49 F Eugene, OR 77.49
Bill Montgomery 40 - 49 M Eugene, OR 72.60
Megan Arbogast 40 - 49 F Corvallis, OR 72.27
Mike Davis 40 - 49 M Talent, OR 67.64
Scott Abrams 50 - 59 M La Pine, OR 67.42
Tyler Jones 0 - 39 (Open) M Bend, OR 60.62
Dusty Miller 60 - 69 M Mt. Shasta, CA 54.50
Nick Campbell 40 - 49 M Sunriver, OR 53.91

Did you miss all the racing action? You can still check out race photos by clicking the following links:

Larison Rock Hillclimb (Oakridge)
Graniteman Mountain Run (Jacksonville)
Mt. Ashland Hillclimb (Ashland)
Great Northwest Mountain Run (Mt. Hood)
Sunrise to Summit (Mt. Bachelor) - ooops, I wasn't there.

Stay tuned for information about next years series. Most races in the series should be back next year. In addition, we're working to bring a selection race for the US Mountain Running Team to Oregon with the goal of having prize money and making it part of the 2010 Oregon Mountain Running Series.

Thanks to all the hard work of the race directors for putting these unique and scenic races together. Also thank you to all the runners without whom we'd be sitting around watching grass grow......or something.

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