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2010 La Sportiva / USATF Oregon Mountain Running Series

New for 2010 you can win cash prizes and free trail running shoes! This mountain running series is designed to promote competition in the Oregon mountain running community. All the races in the series are well established and represent some of the very best mountain races in Oregon. The 2010 series consists of the following four races:

May 8, 2010 – Larison Rock Hillclimb, 6 miles, Oakridge, OR
Race Directors – Alan Abbs ( and Catrina Davis (
This will be an up/down format race on trails near the town of Oakridge. The Larison Rock Hillclimb is organized by the same crack team that puts on the famed Where’s Waldo 100k just up the road at Willamette Pass Ski Area.

July 25, 2010 - Great NW Mountain Run, 6 miles, Mt. Hood, OR
Race Director - Kevin Foreman -
The inaugural 2008 version of this race featured a head to head battle between Joe Gray (US Mountain Running Team) and Max King (US Olympic Trials – Steeplechase) making it the fastest race in the Oregon Mountain Series. The 7-mile course runs both up and down the slopes of Mt. Hood from historic Timberline Lodge.

August 7, 2010 - Mt. Ashland Hillclimb Run, 13 miles, Ashland, OR
Race Director - Torsten Heycke -
Now in its 33RD year, the Mt. Ashland Hillclimb Run is the oldest continuously run mountain race in Oregon. Starting in downtown Ashland, this race climbs 5600’ over 13 miles to finish on the summit of scenic Mt. Ashland. The course record at this race was set in 1986 by Los Angeles Marathon winner Ric Sayre (1:42). Dolores Bergman set the women’s record in 2004 in a time of 2:13.39.

September 4, 2010 - Sunrise to Summit Race, 3 miles, Mt. Bachelor, OR
Race Director - Molly Kelly -
Organized by the Mt. Bachelor Ski Education Foundation, the Sunrise to Summit may be one of the shortest race in the series but it is the steepest. This uphill only course climbs 2600’ in about 3 miles under ski lifts, thru volcanic rock strewn slopes to finally finish on the barren summit of Mt. Bachelor. The course records are held by Max King (35:32) and Jennifer Sventek (43:45).

SCORING: Runners score points based on their time as a percentage of the winner's overall time, making every second count! For example, a winning time of 41:08 gets 100.00 points; a time of 42:21 is worth 97.13, and 1:20:32 gets 51.08 (the winning time being just about 50 percent of that runner's time. Women's scoring is based on 100.00 points for the first female finisher. A runner's top 3 of 4 races are totaled to determine overall series scoring.

AWARDS: The title and primary sponsor is La Sportiva, with additional support at events from the USATF Oregon Association.

* A total of $1500 in cash prizes will be awarded for overall series participants
* Trail Running shoes will be awarded at each race to the top USATF man and woman and each race.
* The series awards a special technical t-shirt to "Mountain Goats", USATF members who run all six races.

ELIGIBILITY: As a USATF Oregon program, the series scoring is limited to individuals who are USATF members. Though all races are open to all runners, USATF membership is required to score and win awards in the series. Some of the other benefits of membership are:

1. Eligibility to score and win prize money in the USATF Oregon Grand Prix and other selected USATF Oregon races.

2. Eligibility to score in USATF Association and National championships. The 2010 USATF National 50k Trail Championships and 1/2 Marathon Trail Championships are being held in Bend where cash prizes for top open and master runners are for USATF members only.

3. Elite runners who want to make the US Mountain Running Team or the USA 100k Team must first be USATF members.

4. 10% discount in the USATF Online Store, including Nike Dri-FIT gear.

5. Subscription to Fast Forward magazine.

6. Access to enter exclusive members-only contests.

7. Sport accident insurance.

8. Special discounts and offers from over 25 companies.

Click here to become a USATF member. If you have additional questions, feel free to email the series coordinator Richard Bolt at richardabolt at gmail dot com or contact the USATF Oregon office at usatforegon at msn dot com.

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