Saturday, April 10, 2010

Gleukos Urban Cross - Portland, OR

Coming this summer to Portland - the Gleukos Urban Cross running race. The inaugural race will be on July 24, here is what the race website says:

"Who says cross country has to stay in the country? Welcome to the Gleukos Urban Cross where all of the dirt and muck of the most challenging and fun cross country courses is dumped on the golf course located inside the horse race track at Portland Meadows in Portland, Oregon. That’s right, six traditional cross country obstacles (on steroids) will challenge you and your team of seven to see which team can conquer the course in the least amount of time. Teams will be scored via traditional cross-country scoring rules. Each team participant will also be scored as an individual with overall and age group results posted. Team classifications include: High School, Club, Corporate and Open. This spectator-friendly course also allows your friends & family to view your progress in the race at many points with relative ease. Challenge your favorite rival for a not so average run in the park and bring the kiddos for a Kids’ Dash following the adult XC races."

Cross Country is typically a Fall sport but we'll take what we can get. Read more on the race website here:

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double-d said...

Looks like it would be easier to go around the hay bales :-)