Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mt. Ashland Hillclimb Run - Pre-race notes

More wisdom and final thoughts from Race Director Torsten before this Saturday's race:

Wow, the weather forecast is excellent, the fire danger is relatively low, enough snow has melted to have a clear path: the race deities seem to be looking kindly on us this year. We've consulted sheep entrails, tea leaves and an old Magic 8 ball I bought at a garage sale and all signs augur well for an exceptional Mt Ashland Hill Climb Run this Saturday. 

Race packet pickup the day before the race is at Rogue Valley Runners (161 East Main Street in downtown Ashland), from 12-6. I know, I mentioned this already. Department of Redundancy Dept. We like it when people pick up their packets the day before.

Race packet pick up on race day is at the race start, between 6:15 and 7:15. 
The race start is near the bottom of Lithia Park on Winburn St near "the plaza", across the street from Sesame restaurant, near the frequently headless Abe Lincoln statue, and approximately 42° 11.792'N, 122° 42.963'W.

Start Time is 7:30am. We like to be prompt. And, this year I will make sure to have the microphone on when I say "go!"

No Early Starts. I know, you have the best intentions, but have you heard about the destination of the road paved in that manner? Read the FAQ for some of the reasons why we don't allow this (but know this: my timers are math-challenged and adding an hour to your time might put them over the top).

Race Day is Saturday. (Someone who will remain nameless, Cynthia, called me on Sunday one year wondering where everyone was!).

Not showing? There's still time to tell me--without repercussions--if you're not coming (thanks to those who already have). It's less food to buy.
No dogs, snapping turtles or reticulated pythons. Lots of requests for dogs this year. This is not the Iditarod. 

Hiking Poles. Hiking Slavs and Hungarians are OK. Hiking poles, on the other hand, are relegated to the back of the pack. I'm sure there is a joke here about Reverse Polish Notation, but I can't think of the punch line. 

Drinks. Speaking of punch, we serve various electrolyte beverages on course, usually Gatorade but sometimes Heed. It tends to be cool or cold which is what most people seem to want. If you want something else (warm tea, espresso, margarita, etc), you should bring it yourself. We'll have some stuff to eat too, but it's not a gourmet feast. Just setting expectations...

If you want clothes brought to the summit, please put them in a well-marked bag and bring that to the sign-in desk on Saturday. The summit is the top, the apex, the zenith, not the lodge. If you only make it to the lodge, your bag of clothes will be at the summit and will come down only when the aid station closes. We are not responsible for your bag. 

The bus is full.

The race is full.

Leftover stuff. If you leave your crap possessions at the event, I may or may not decide to bring it to my house. Honestly, the stuff you folks leave there astounds me. And, no, don't leave your children, because I won't take them home, not even for "just a week."

Pre-Race Things To Do:
It's too late to start training, so on Friday, go to Dagoba (1105 Benson Way in Asland), taste, then buy some chocolate and then go to a local winery, taste some red wine, and then buy some. Great combo for Saturday evening. Savor the flavors.

Go to Rogue Valley Runners. Pick up your packet and buy the stuff we won't have at the race. I don't think buying shoes the day before is such a good idea though.

Post Race things to do:
Go jump in the lake. Actually, go jump in the reservoir at the top of Lithia Park. Great way to cool off those muscles, reduce inflammation, etc.

Eat at Standing Stone. You locals might want to wait a few days so we don't all descend on them the same day. Remember that theater-goers tend to eat between 6 and 8.

Embrace adversity,

Torsten Heycke

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