Friday, January 27, 2012

Farewell........for now.

Hello Oregon mountain, ultra and trail running fans.

After 4 years of publishing "MUT" news & running info on behalf of the USA Track & Field Oregon Association I'm putting this blog on ice. You can keep up with USATF-Oregon happenings at:

Questions about USATF-Oregon programs can be directed to:
LDR Chairperson - Jonathan Marcus -
LDR Vice-Chairperson - Bob Latham -

I'm living down in sunny California for the foreseeable future but do hope to return to Oregon one day. You can following my running, racing, photos & travels on my blog:

...and follow my tweets on behalf of the US Mountain Running Team here:

Happy Trails!

Richard Bolt

[photo above from Smith Rock State Park - Terrebonne, OR]


Scott Dunlap said...

Thanks for being our news source for so many years!

double-d said...

Always fun following this stuff, and seeing how wild your hair would be in the latest photo. Happy trails!

Moose said...


Are you looking for someone to carry on the tradition?

Robert Yerex

Richard Bolt said...

Robert - yes, I'm sure the Oregon Association would love to have a new mountain, ultra, trail person. Shoot me an email and I'll give you more details. Richard