Sunday, August 11, 2013

Ashland Hill Climb a Big Success!

David Laney and Becka Kem overcame any issues with what little lingering smoke there was to win the Men's and Women's open at the Ashland Hill Climb.

As he does every year, Torsten put on a fantastic event., It was up in the air (literally) if the race would be held. Several large forest fires close to Ashland had pushed the air quality index well into the unhealthy zone by Thursday. Fortunately, cooler weather and a bit of rain, as well as a shift in the wind cleared the smoke by race morning. It was a nail biter for Torsten who ultimately had to make the call on Friday to hold or cancel, just part of the behind the scenes trials and tribulations that race directors face. So many thanks to Torsten and his whole crew for persevering and getting it done!!

My only tribulations involved the SD card in my fancy new camera which got zapped and I have no pictures of the event.

Now with two races in the series completed, I will be tallying rankings in the next day or so and posting them here. Today I'm up at Mt Hood for the Timberline Trail Run. A few intrepid souls who ran Ashland yesterday came up for the race today.

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