Sunday, August 3, 2008

Mt. Ashland Hillclimb Run - Results

First run in 1978, the 5600' of vertical climb of the Mt. Ashland Hillclimb Run has always been challenge for race participants. After 30 years of erosion and weathering by wind, rain and snow, the summit didn't feel any closer to runners of the 2008 race. 1 hour and 53 minutes after leaving the 1900' start line, local favorite Eric Skaggs was the first runner to the finish circle at 7533' above sea level. Eric was followed not so closely by Zach Violett (Bend, OR) - 1:57:23 and Richard Bolt (Portland, OR) - 2:00:30. On the women's side, 2007 race winner Evelyn Dong (Bend, OR) repeated as champion in a time of 2:08:40, smashing the record set by Dolores Bergman of 2:13.39 in 2004. Evelyn's time was fast enough to put her in 11th place overall and was nearly 10 minutes faster than her 2007 time of 2:17:24.

As usual, the race organizers did a fantastic job of providing cool temperatures and an overcast sky for most of the race only bringing in the sun when runners reached the summit. This was particularly helpful since the view from the summit of Mt. Ashland provides a panorama of northern California and southern Oregon. The race organizers kept the sun shinning for the post race festivities held in the parking lot of the Mt. Ashland Ski Area which included plenty of food, refreshments, raffle prizes and live music.

Official results are available at:

You can find more first-hand accounts and pictures from the race at:

Here is a very unofficial list of results:

1. Eric Skaggs - 1:53:01
2. Zach Violett - 1:57:23
3. Richard Bolt - 2:00:30
4. Matt Barnhart - 2:03:48
5. John Leuthold - 2:04:38
6. Hal Koerner - 2:05:59
7. Brayton Osgood - 2:06:02
8. Ian Torrence - 2:06:22
9. Thomas Ferrell - 2:06:30
10. Bob Julian - 2:07:17
11. Evelyn Dong - 2:08:40
12. Adam Seibert - 2:09:45
13. Colin Mahood - 2:12:10
14. Todd Ragsdale - 2:12:30
15. Jeremy Eisen - 2:13:52
16. Aaron Coe - 2:13:54
17. Jason Tedrow - 2:14:36
18. Joe Griffin - 2:15:50
19. Greg Mueller - 2:15:56
20. Chris Rennaker - 2:17:10

The 3rd race in the La Sportiva USATF Oregon Mountain Running Series will be the Sunrise to Summit 3 miles race up Mt. Bachelor near Bend on August 30. Complete race info at:

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