Sunday, August 10, 2008

Oregon Mountain Running Series Scoring Update 2

Two races have been completed in the inaugural La Sportiva USATF Oregon Mountain Running Series with 2 races remaining to be run. Last weekend's Mt. Ashland Hillclimb Run doubled the number of USATF members having competed in the series. While all the races in the series are open to all runners, only USATF members score in the series. The top USATF man and woman in each race will receive a free pair of La Sportiva trail running shoes. Runners who complete all 4 races in the series receive a special "mountain goat" award. Scoring after race #2:

Men 39 and under
Richard Bolt - Portland, OR - 189.51 points (2 races)
Ian Torrence - Ashland, OR - 181.91 points (2 races)
Hal Koerner - Ashland, OR - 89.71 points (1 race)
Scott Jurek - Seattle, WA - 89.47 points (1 race)
Aaron Coe - Portland, OR - 84.40 points (1 race)

Men 40 to 49
Bob Julian - Medford, OR - 88.79 points (1 race)
David Jordan - Medford, OR - 79.20 points (1 race)

Men 50 to 59 - No USATF finishers
Men 60+ No USATF finishers

Women 39 and under - No USATF finishers
Women 40 to 49 - No USATF finishers
Women 50 to 59 - No USATF finishers
Women 60+ No USATF finishers

SCORING: Runners score points based on their time as a percentage of the winner's overall time, making every second count! For example, a winning time of 41:08 gets 100.00 points; a time of 42:21 is worth 97.13, and 1:20:32 gets 51.08 (the winning time being just about 50 percent of that runner's time. Women's scoring is based on 100.00 points for the first female finisher. A runner's top 3 of 4 races are totaled to determine overall series scoring.

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