Sunday, July 5, 2009

Corbett Hillclimb - The mountain race the wasn't......

The 3rd race in the La Sportiva / USATF Oregon Mountain Running Series was canceled because the County canceled their permits less than a week before the race. The Almost Vertical Corbett Hillclimb was to go down and back up Corbett Hill Road - a 1.5 mile paved road with 600' of vertical. Here is what race director Harry Simonis had to say:

"Multnomah County has decided to not issue the final permit to hold the 'UP-Down' race on Corbett Hill this saturday. ODOT also made us change the course for the 10k run. We cannot use the Vista house observatory loop road. Monday Doug and I got the new course laid and spent most of the afternoon trying to convince people to issue the final permits to no avail. The new 10k course has a long drawn out hill that will be quite challenging to runners."

The 10k race started at 8:15 AM on July 4 from Corbett High School with a small field of mostly local runners. The race results will be posted at:

Race photos can be found at:

The next race in the La Sportiva / USATF Oregon Mountain Running Series will be the Mt. Ashland Hillclimb on August 1st. Sign-up soon because the race is limited to 250 runners and already 150 have registered.



Here are the results:
Place Name Time
1 Kim Fox 46:24.7
2 David Miller 47:38.7
3 Collin Olcott 47:39.7
4 Tom Franklin 50:01.8
5 Ryan Johannesson 51:13.7
6 Mike Moen 51:28.8
7 Molly Bainter 51:50.1
8 Samantha Welday 54:21.4
9 Maureen Childs 54:21.6
10 Michelle Lanter 54:35.2
11 Kim Smith 57:43.3
12 Jessica Helfrich 58:05.0
13 Jo Mellon 58:32.9
14 Sturart Childs 58:34.2
15 Margo Arn 59:08.8
16 Lisa Madzelan 1.00:20.8
17 Gabrielle VanKee 1.02:20.8
18 Jim Kunz 1.15:05.2

Rogue Valley Runners said...


Perhaps they canceled because they heard that Ashland wasn't able to attend the event? Kidding! Hope all is well with your healing! Hope your Fourth was a good one!

See you on the trails soon!