Saturday, June 18, 2011

2011 Graniteman Mountain Run - Results

The Graniteman Mountain Run took place this past Sunday at Applegate Lake in Southern Oregon.  This 10 mile trail race features a single 10 mile loop climbing and descending over 1000' with scenic views throughout the course.  The 2011 edition of the event was won again by Erik Skaggs (Ashland, OR) on the men's side.  Jenn Shelton (Ashland, OR) won the women's race by over 8 minutes.

The Graniteman Mountain Race was also the first race in the 2011 La Sportiva / USATF-Oregon Mountain Running Series.  The top USATF man and woman at this and every race in the series take home $100.  The next race in the series is the Great Northwest Mountain Run at Mt. Hood on July 31.  Find all the races in the series here:

Complete results for the race can be found here:

Here are the results for the USATF members who will now score in the Oregon Mountain Running Series:

1 Erik Skaggs Ashland M 28 M2529 1:13:22
2 Tyler Davis Talent M 23 M2024 1:17:31
3 Hal Koerner Ashland M 35 M3539 1:18:31
4 Jenn Shelton Ashland F 27  F2529  1:25:39
5 Robert Julian Ashland M 43 M4044 1:27:30
6 Laura Raber Eagle Point F 33 F3034 1:47:25
7 Chuck Whiteley Medford M 53 M5054 1:49:06
8 Mario Tigli Sandy M 53 M5054 1:54:13
9 Lela Stemple Medford F 14 F0115 2:01:31
10 Elena Meyer Central Point F 47 F4549 2:01:36

Scoring for the series will work as follows: Runners score points based on their time as a percentage of the winner's overall time, making every second count!  For example, a winning time of 41:08 gets 100.00 points; a time of 42:21 is worth 97.13, and 1:20:32 gets 51.08 (the winning time being just about 50 percent of that runner's time. Women's scoring is based on 100.00 points for the first female finisher. A runner's top 3 of 4 races are totaled to determine overall series scoring.

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