Friday, October 19, 2012

Extra Benefit for USATF Members

You probably got one of those little key ring cards when you renewed with USATF. I did, and fortunately I put it on my house key ring. I ended up dropping that key ring and was set to get new keys cut or locks changed when I got a call from USATF HQ telling me that someone had found my key. The little card has the USATF logo on one side and the athlete number on the other. The person who found it called USATF and gave them the number on the card, USATF then called me. I just picked up the key (and dropped off a Starbucks gift card) and all is right with the world, for the moment. Thanks to USATF and the folks at Westlake Chiropractic who found my key outside their offices (I was on my way to Pizza Shmizza). I should note that USATF does not promote relying on the key-card-dongle-thingy as a key return service but the person I talked mentioned that they get a surprising number of calls from people who found keys where the only identifying information was the little card.

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