Monday, December 7, 2009

2010 USA National Championships announced for Mountain, Ultra & Trail Running

The USA Track & Field's Mountain, Ultra & Trail Running Sport Council awarded 2010 National Championships to the following races:

3/7/2010 - USA 50km Road Champs - Caumsett, Long Island, NY
4/7/2010 - USA 100km Road Champs - Madison, WI
6/12/2010 - USA 1/2 Marathon Trail Champs - Bend, OR
6/19/2010 - USA Mountain Champs - Gorham, NH
7/31/2010 - USA 100M Trail Champs - Burning River, OH
7/31/2010 - USA 50M Trail Champs - White River, WA
7/31/2010 - USA 15km Trail Champs - Spokane, WA
8/25/2010 - USA 10km Trail Champs - Laurel Springs, NC
9/25/2010 - USA 50km Trail Champs - Bend, OR
10/16/2010 - USA 50M Road Champs - State College/Boalsburg, PA
11/6/2010 - USA Marathon Trail Champs - Ashland, OR

New for 2010 there will be a USATF Trail Championship Grand Prix series made up of the four sub-ultra races: 10k, Half-Marathon, 15k and Marathon. Stay tuned for info on awards and how the series scoring will work.


DoubleJ said...

Good stuff Rich...Thanks for Tweetin' this weekend....The sub-ultra GP sounds like a great idea... it should hopefully attract some good non-traditional trail guys to give it a go... Can't wait for Mt. Washington!

crowther said...

Richard, thanks for posting this. This is the first place I've seen this info. I wish USATF would make it easier for us to find out where there championships are!

saschasdad said...

Ditto to what Greg said. The USATF site can be a bit confusing. Thanks for consolidating the important info here!