Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Things to do in Georgia when you need to get dirty

It's true, there is such a thing as trail running in Georgia. Here is a note from Tim at Dirty Spokes Productions:

Wanted to touch base to see if The Teva U.S. Mountain Running Team would be interested in any of our 2010 events... we put on the following events and would love to have your crew join us (if you are out this way):

XTERRA Georgia Trail Running Race Series (6 Races), XTERRA Alabama Trail Running Race Series (3 Races), XTERRA North Carolina Trail Running Race Series (TBA), Dirty Spokes Trail Running Race Series (6 Races), Dirty Spokes Off Road Duathlon Series (4 Races), Georgia State Trail Running Championships (1 Race), Dirty Spokes 40K Trail Running Ekiden (Team Relay), Dirty Spokes 12-6 Hour Mountain Bike Race...
Let me know if we can do anything for you and your crew!

Please check us out on the web: www.dirtyspokes.com

Tim Schroer

The next time your travels take you to Georgia I hope you will check out his races.

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